Removing ticks from dogs

Ok, so you have found a tick on your dog, removing ticks from dogs is not very difficult if done properly. If you live in any kind of rural or wooded area ticks can be a nuisance to say the least not to mention that they carry disease that can spread to you and your dog. One simple way to reduce ticks and prevent them from embedding into your dogs skin is to give your dog a good brushing before coming inside from an outdoor adventure, pay special attention to the areas around the head, ears and underside. Often the brushing alone goes a long way in removing ticks from dogs.

If a tick is found to be attached to your dog take these simple steps for removing ticks from dogs. Do not apply any kind of solution to the tick ie: alcohol, mineral oil etc. You can clean the area after the tick has been removed, also do not try to use a match or hot object to remove the tick from dogs this can burn your dog or often can cause the tick to regurgitate blood or attempt to dig in for a fight increasing the risk of disease. Use a good tweezers or you can also put latex gloves on your hands for the procedure.

You want to grasp the tick as close to its head as possible, firmly grasp the tick and pull very slowly yet firmly keeping constant pressure, this may take a few minutes to remove the tick but by pulling slowly you have a better chance of getting the tick out in its entirety. You may twist very slightly in a back and forth motion, do not twist too much, thus leaving the ticks head in your dog.

After you have removed the tick you can then either burn it or place it in alcohol over night thus killing it. If the ticks head is not removed it shouldn’t be a major problem, however it may take longer for your dogs body to expel the remnants of the tick. You should then clean the area where the tick had attached with alcohol, you may want to put some antibiotic ointment on the area as well.

Many of the flea recipes on the previous page will help to reduce tick incidents however here is another tick repellent recipe that has been known effective, it is also a more natural tick control. Again if you live in a heavily wooded area, chemical control may be a good bet considering the damage a tick can do to your dog. For more tick control tips visit my Lyme disease in dogs page.

Rose Geranium has been known to be an effective tick repellent. Combine 20 drops rose geranium with about 2 cups water again check manufactures dilution instructions, you can then put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray around pets bedding etc. Rose geranium can also be used in higher concentrations and placed on your dogs collar. Get rose geranium Essential Oils and herbs online.

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