Top ten best dog foods

I have come up with a list of the top ten best dog foods. This top 10 best dog foods list tries to leave out my personal preference and looks at customer reviews from a variety of sites but most notable are Amazon, PetFoodDirect, Petco and Whenever possible I will provide a link to one of these top sites where you can read reviews, compare nutrition and ingredients for yourself

You will not see many dog foods on this top ten best dog foods list that will be available in your local grocery, however many may be available at your favorite pet food warehouse and of course they are all available on line.

Even number ten on the top ten best dog foods list, is a nutritionally complete dry dog food(when looking at the ten best foods in the world you don’t find junk dog food). Oh yes, I should add, this is a list of top ten best dry foods. I did not include freeze dried dog food in this list, however it is some of the best you can get. Follow my Freeze dried dog food link for more about this type of food. I also excluded wet food from this list however at some other time I may compile that top ten list too. I will also have a section at the bottom of this page for you to add your comments or tell us what food you think is best. If you see a food on this list that you think may not belong in the top ten, tell me why and I will consider removing and replacing it.

I should also tell you that this site does already have a list of best dog foods ranked, on this list I choose 3 dog foods that are in the lower to higher end of mid priced foods. This best dog food ranked list takes into account the nutritional value but it also considers who owns the dog food company, where it is produced and if it is a good value.

Top ten best dog foods

1 - Orijen Adult Formula Dry dog food

This is the best of the best in the dry dog food segment and receives 5 star reviews across the board.

2 - Canidae ALS Dry Dog Food

Canidae is another top notch dog food, and is also considered one of the best foods with excellent reviews.

3 - Evo Turkey/Chicken Lg Bite Dry Dog Food

EVO also receives a top ten billing and excellent reviews, these foods are described as being specially designed foods that provide the benefits of feeding a Raw Diet without the drawbacks.

4 - Wellness Super5Mix

Wellness is another excellent product, their grain free food made it onto my best dog food ranked list. One benefit of Wellness foods is they are available at Petco should you have one nearby.

5 - Newmans Own Organic Chicken

Newman’s Own Organics also receives a top ten rating and the description says these foods are made without antibiotics, hormones or any chemical ingredients, in fact this product is over 70% organic. You also gotta love a company that gives the profits to organizations that support animals. Pricing on this organic product is very good, considering the quality of ingredients and the stringent regulations required for organic labeling.

6 - Innova Adult Dog Food

Innova dog foods bring pet nutrition closer to that of healthy human nutrition using lean meats, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables. The large bites are great for dogs that eat too fast. Innova is another food often available at Petco. If you don't have a pet food warehouse nearby you can get competitive pricing and super convenience with the Get 15% off all orders with with Auto-Ship. Again a best rated food.

7 - Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken and Brown Rice

Blue Buffalo is another great product receiving 5 star reviews with high quality protein, whole grains, whole veggies, probiotics and chelated minerals. Blue is usually available at your local pet food warehouse.

8 - Chicken Soup For The Dog Lovers Soul Adult Dog

the description of Chicken Soup for the dog lovers soul adult Formula says they rely on the best of the best and use only chelated minerals in their formula. Again top rated foods that receive excellent reviews.

9 - Performatrin Ultra Lamb and Brown Rice

Performatrin Ultra is again a top ten rated food. They describe their food as embracing holistic canine nutrition with whole foods and balanced natural supplements.

10 - Artamis Fresh Mix Adult Formula

Artemis is described as being a holistic food using fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs Again this is a 5 star rated top ten food.

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The fact is that when looking at the top ten best dog foods you are going to get only extra high quality foods with excellent ingredients and nutrition. May I suggest that first you choose a quality food your dog loves, then choose a dog food company that you feel comfortable supporting. Do a search on the web and look at their company philosophy.. How do they treat employees? Do they give profits to charities? Are they based in a state or country you choose to support etc?

I try to put recent coupons on this site please return if your coupon code has expired and you may find a new one.

Whats your dog food pick?

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