Taste of the Wild

by Woof

I went to a small pet store in Virginia and the owner had only 2 choice dogfoods, Canidea and Taste of the Wild.

Reply - Hi woof, Canidea and taste of the wild are both good dog foods. Canidea comes in a higher price point than taste of the wild, if cost is a factor in choosing a dog food I would probably go with taste of the wild, another consideration when buying dog food is the protein source, taste of the wild has a variety of protein sources many of which are from animals that would not be considered traditional such as Venison, Bison, quail, duck, salmon etc.

Should your dog have allergies or you have concerns about allergies it may be beneficial to choose an alternate protein source, most taste of the wild products are grain free and get their carbohydrates from sources like sweet potato, a much better and higher fiber source.

If your concern is selection or you find your dog doesn't do well with these foods you should consider ordering online. I would keep your dog on his or her current food then order small samples of a variety of healthy foods, try to find a few foods your dog does well on so you can rotate, then simply set up a monthly order plan. Many people think it costs more to order dog food online because of high shipping costs however, when you consider your time, effort and personal fuel costs, it can actually work out to your advantage. If you do decide to order on a monthly basis you can save Save 15-25% off All Pet Food Direct Orders When You Enroll in Auto-Ship!.

Remember variety is the spice of life, rotate your dogs food, make healthy homemade meals for your canine. Most importantly have fun and enjoy each other.

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Aug 31, 2011
Taste of the Wild
by: Vickie

Taste of the Wild has been the greatest food for both my dogs that have sensitive stomachs and grain allergies. It is made in the USA with human grade products and has never been a part of any food recall. The cost is fairly reasonable considering comparable products. Both my dogs are healthy and active with beautiful soft coats. After one year on this food no upset stomachs, skin and coat issues, or ear infections!

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